Neapolitan Inspired Pizzeria & Bar

Based in the seaside town of Marske by the Sea.

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Established in 2022, Base Pizzeria & Bar is a family owned, Neapolitan style restaurant and bar based in the beautiful seaside town of Marske by the Sea, North Yorkshire.

Our two head chefs have years of experience in not only Neapolitan pizza, but pretty much every aspect of international cuisine. This is reflected in our bi-weekly specials which are paired with a complementing cocktail. Absolutely everything we have on our menu is made in-house.

We have a warm, welcoming and comfortable restaurant plus a bar area serving draught local craft beers, selected wines and classic cocktails. The outside terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a cold drink and some food when the weather is good.

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Neapolitan Inspired Pizza


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